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Hello There.

I’m P.A. 
career strategist & identy coach

I help working moms (and aspiring moms) go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to building the careers and lives they wish they had ... and look good while doing it.

Do you find yourself asking: How do I be the mom I want to be and have the career I want to have? How do I not feel so frantic all the time? With all the ways my body has changed, how do I style it now and still love the way I look? How do I simply get everything I need to get done, done?

Whether you're looking to change your job, land a promotion or start a new business, or seeking to balance your career with your new role as a mom, or just wanting to stop sporting that spit-up-tee-and-yoga-pants look and feel a little like yourself again, I come alongside you with the tools and guidance to help you reach your goals.

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For the mom who wants her career to align with her life, so she can thrive at work and in motherhood.

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